Planet Clicker 2

Put on your space helmets, because we’re about to embark on an interstellar adventure that’s out of this world! Planet Clicker 2 is not your ordinary idle game — it’s a riveting journey through the vastness of space. Get ready to click, upgrade, and conquer planets like never before!

Earth, the Starting Point

Clicking has never been this cosmically cool! Strap in as you start your epic journey from the humble beginnings of Earth:

• Click on our blue home planet like there’s no tomorrow to earn those sweet, sweet coins.
• Keep those clicks coming to unlock a galaxy of upgrades on the left side of your screen.
• Build everything from campfires to factories.
• Rake in money generated by your trusty upgrades and keep upgrading on an even larger scale!

Solar System Domination: Planet by Planet!

The universe is your playground, and conquering it one planet at a time is the name of the game. Move beyond Earth and set your sights on celestial bodies like Mars and beyond. Each planet unlocks new opportunities and challenges, making your cosmic conquest even more thrilling. So, are you ready to embark on the cosmic clicking quest of a lifetime? Click away, upgrade like a pro, and conquer the cosmos with your cosmic-clicking genius!

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