Pokemon Crush

Get ready for a wild, head-crushing adventure in the quirky world of Pokemon Crush! This game takes the classic Pokemon narrative and gives it a Flappy Bird twist. How exactly does this work? Just watch it!

Flappy vs. Grumpy

So, there’s this grumpy Pokemon causing a ruckus in the neighborhood. And he has a particular disdain for birds, especially the beloved Flappy Bird. Rumor has it there was a big flap (pun intended) that led to Flappy being ousted from the territory. Now, that’s one nasty feud!

The Urgency of Head-Whacking

Flappy’s inaction might lead to a bird catastrophe, and we can’t have that! It’s time for a hero to emerge, armed with a green cast-iron pipe. Your mission? Crush the nasty head of our grumpy Pokemon and restore peace to the skies!

How To Play Pokemon Crush

• In your hands, you wield the legendary green pipe, a tool of epic proportions.
• As the grumpy Pokemon’s head appears on the horizon, channel the speed of a Ninjask and whack that head away!
• The more heads you crush, the closer you get to bringing back Flappy and restoring harmony in the celestial realm.

So, grab that green pipe and get ready to crush your way to Pokemon glory. Happy head-whacking!

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