Do you think you have the bravery and skill to defend your castle against those pesky dragons? How about your match-3 skill? That’s right, in Tower Swap, you can fight those huge fire-breathing beasts by swapping your way through the level with grace and glory – and upgrade your fortress in the process!

Swap, Match, Build

Picture this: you start with a pile of mismatched materials – wood, stone, metal, and more. Your job? Swap, slide, and shuffle them around to create the sturdiest combinations possible. Wood and stone? Bam! You’ve got a rickety shack. Throw in some metal and voila, it’s a fortress in the making!

Dragons Are Here!

But hold on, because this is no ordinary construction site. We’re talking about dragons, big, scaly, angry beasts that are eyeing your castle like it’s a giant s’more waiting to be roasted. You’ve got a limited number of moves to turn that mishmash of materials into a fortress of epic proportions.

Defend Your Kingdom!

Are you up for the challenge? The dragons are coming, and they’re not sending RSVPs. Make haste, or your fortress might end up looking like a toothpick after a dragon BBQ! Build, swap, and defend – your castle’s fate is in your wildly swapping hands!

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